Dave Meltzer Criticises AEW’s “Bad Policy” Concerning Recent Signing

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Dave Meltzer has criticised AEW over a recent signing, commenting that it highlights a “bad policy.”

On June 12th NXT 2.0 Superstar Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan was released by WWE for what was described as a “policy issue.”

In the days following his exit from the company it was reported that the issue was in fact a failed drug test. However, the star hasn’t been out of the spotlight for long, quickly being snapped up by AEW.

After appearing on a recent AEW Dark: Elevation taping under the name Cole Karter, the former NXT Superstar made his debut on Dynamite on July 20th. On the show he answered an open challenge from Ricky Starks for the FTW Championship.

During a new edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer questioned the signing and Karter’s use on Dynamite. Meltzer said that he “couldn’t figure out” why AEW brought in Karter and called the hiring of someone who failed a drug test so recently “bad policy.”

“Here’s the thing. Literally no one knows this guy. There was a line about throwing him with the fishes, and if you watch NXT religiously which most AEW viewers don’t, you’d know what it was, and it’s kinda cute and all that. I for the life of me cannot figure this one out. I mean, number one, he just failed a drug test in the other company.

The idea of bringing in guys from NXT, look, if it’s someone who’s really, really good, then sure of course. But they’ve brought in so many people, and there’s so many complaints that I get from people going ‘Oh it’s all of the people that I didn’t want to watch in NXT and now they’re here.’

In some cases, I mean, you don’t think they should have signed Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly? That’s just crazy sh*t.

This guy wasn’t over in NXT, no one knows who he is, he just failed a drug test. I think it’s a bad policy to bring in a guy who just failed a drug test.”

Continuing on, Meltzer explained that Karter looked “green” in the match, and that essentially the bout wasn’t very good, before questioning the wisdom of bringing in another wrestler when AEW already have so many talents under contract.

He added that for the most part, AEW fans simply don’t want former NXT Superstars appearing on Dynamite.

“I don’t think that AEW fans want NXT guys, unless it’s someone really good. Roderick Strong, I think a lot of people wouldn’t like Roderick Strong coming in, but he’s so damn good, but you probably wanna make room for him.

With Cole Karter, I do think the guy has potential and everything, but so soon after failing a drug test and being fired, it’s just bad optics to me.”

Cole Karter eventually lost the match to Ricky Starks who immediately laid down another open challenge. This time it was answered by Danhausen. Although Starks backed out of the match there and then, the two will meet in the ring on July 27th.

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