Dave Meltzer Claims Divisiveness Is “Worse Than It’s Been” In AEW

The Young Bucks CM Punk

Dave Meltzer says there continues to be trouble in paradise behind-the-scenes in AEW.

Meltzer joined John Pollack and Wrestlenomic’s Brandon Thurston on POST Wrestling to discuss the recently revealed ratings for the “AEW Collision” premiere and told the two that contention between The Elite and CM Punk is elevated after this week.

“There’s a lot of divisiveness. It’s so frustrating to me because I see it so closely and I feel it shouldn’t be there. It’s worse now than it’s been. It hasn’t gotten better. Right now it’s at a pretty bad point again.”

The two big boiling points remain to be Punk’s “Collision” promo as well as the ESPN interview where he made mention of Hangman Page.

“It was the talk of the locker room on Wednesday which led to a lot of issues … I am of the impression that people were expecting worse than it turned out to be but the people who really like Adam Page were not happy. Everyone there was pretty much told, ‘Like keep the stuff on the inside on the inside that if it gets out it’s not good for the company.’”

Dave Meltzer Gives His Perspective On The Contention Between The Elite And CM Punk

Dave Meltzer says that it was a directive for everyone in AEW to keep all the “inside stuff” on the inside, however each side continues to have their own impressions of one another. Meltzer does give his opinion on Punk’s ESPN conversation when it comes to bringing up Page.

“Even if privately he believed it, this wasn’t the time to do it and Page is not someone is going to answer back so he becomes the bad guy … there was a feeling that he went after Page because he’s friends with The Young Bucks and he signed a thing where he couldn’t go after The Young Bucks.”

Please h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription.