Dave Meltzer Inadvertently Got Chris Jericho Into ECW & WCW

Chris Jericho

Dave Meltzer revealed how he was responsible for getting more eyes on a young Chris Jericho!

On July 7th, 1995, a young Chris Jericho – competing under the name Lionheart – faced off against Ultimo Dragon for the promotion Wrestling and Romance in Ryōgoku Sumo Hall in Japan. Lionheart was victorious in the bout, retaining his WAR Junior Heavyweight Championship.

When a fan took to social media to celebrate the anniversary of the match, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer revealed that he sent a tape of the bout to Paul Heyman, which led to Heyman’s interest in bringing the young star into ECW.

“I sent a tape of this match to Heyman, who wanted to see Dragon because he wanted to push him in ECW. He got the tape, somehow never got Dragon, but it opened his eyes to Jericho, and that’s how Jericho got into ECW.”

The Demo God responded to the tweet, saying he’d never heard this information before, and that the celebrated match was also indirectly responsible for him being hired by WCW.

“Wow I’m not sure I knew that! It’s also this match that indirectly got me into WCW too.”

Chris Jericho began wrestling for ECW in 1995 and went on to win the ECW Television Championship in June of 1996. He debuted for WCW in August of 1996 and worked for the promotion until July of 1999.