Dave Meltzer Believes AEW Duo Will Struggle As Singles Stars

Dave Meltzer Claims Surprising Match Was The Best Storytelling Match

Dave Meltzer thinks one tag team is more “powerful” together than apart, but “pride” may have gotten in the way for the popular AEW duo.

On last week’s episode of AEW Rampage, Mike Santana made his intentions clear that he was moving on from his ever-popular pairing with Ortiz, formerly known as LAX and Ortiz clapped back at Santana’s comments on social media, putting his partner’s honestly into question

“What a way to find out years of having your back meant nothing.Good luck without your ‘crutch’ Just remember it helped you walk for the last 14+ years. Hope your legs are good. Thank you for being honest for once. But you couldn’t say it to my face? You know you still can, right?”

Santana also responded back, implying that Ortiz was non-communicative with him.

“Wow. First thing you said to me in 14 months. no text no call. No I hope your recovery has gone well but of course paint me to be the bad guy like you’ve always done. Guess you forgot about our last conversation about this. Either way I’m happy I hope and pray the same for you.”

Both Meltzer and the duo’s mentor/friend Konnan have both stated that this isn’t storyline-fueled and that the two have legitimate heat between one another, stemming back to 2022.

Dave Meltzer Doesn’t Have Faith In Santana & Ortiz As Singles Stars

In this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer went into detail about the tension between the two stars and the prospect of both of them competing as singles.

“Santana obviously feels he could do something as a single and he can talk and work, but there is far too much talent for the amount of pushed spots the company has. My gut is both would fare better as a team, but Santana is done with that, and as singles I think it’ll be tough for both of them.”