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Daughter Of Santino Marella Reveals Feedback Following WWE Tryout

Bianca Carelli

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Bianca Carelli, the daughter of former WWE Superstar Santino Marella, revealed the feedback she received following her unsuccessful tryout for the WWE.

During the interview with Chris Van Vliet, Carelli would discuss a range of topics including her father’s reaction to her deciding to become a wrestler, realising who her dad was and how her father would drop his accent when speaking with fans.

Bianca would also discuss the feedback she had received following an unsuccessful tryout with the WWE, Carelli would state:

“A lot of it was keep working and get more experience. I know my mic skills are pretty solid, it was really just the wrestling aspect of things. Just to get more comfortable with the wrestling aspect of things. Unfortunately, though because of Coronavirus, that got put on pause for me, which was unfortunate. Last year, when Coronavirus hit, I had so many matches lined up. It was unfortunate that it happened, so I had to find other ways to improve. I studied my own matches, stayed in shape and thought of ways to rebrand myself.”

Carelli has previously discussed her unsuccessful 2019 tryout with the WWE, speaking with Love Wrestling in May, the former Battle Arts Academy Women’s Champion would recall the tryout and her mindset going into it.

Speaking with Spencer Love, the second generation superstar would comment:

“I think at that point I’d had 13 matches,” Carelli commented when I asked about her experience at the tryout, “so I obviously – I was extremely green. But, at the same time, I was working out every single day, I was preparing for this. I was eating very clean. I’d been trying different diets for a year. My mind was 100% ‘let’s go, let’s do this.’ And I knew, okay, maybe I’m not gonna be the best wrestler. But you know what? I’m good on the mic and I’m willing to put in the work.”

“For me, I was kind of hoping they would see ‘oh, wow, she works really hard. She doesn’t give up.’ I know a lot of the stuff that they do in tryouts is meant to wear you down to see mentally how strong you are. That was my biggest thing was I wanted to show my mental strength, I wanted to show my toughness, that you make me run until I throw up, and I will throw up, and I will keep on running. And then, I will throw up again and I will keep on running. You’re gonna have to call an ambulance before I stopped running. That was what I wanted to show is that that animal inside.”

The Battle Arts Academy student has previously expressed her desire to escape being labelled as ‘Santino’s Daughter’ as well as discussing pressure previously to be called Santina and how she wants to craft a name for herself as Bianca Carelli, not as the daughter of Santino Marella.

h/t to Love Wrestling for the transcript.