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Darren Young Teases Nexus Return At WrestleMania

Darren Young

Former WWE star Darren Young has suggested that he and The Nexus are due to return to WWE to face of against Retribution at this years WrestleMania in Tampa.

Speaking on the Dropkick Podcast, Young (real name Fred Rosser) was asked whether he intends on joining the former Nexus leader Wade Barrett in returning to the WWE.

Last Summer Wade Barrett joined the commentary team with NXT, Young responded to the question about his potential return with a cracker. Seemingly trolling somewhat, he reveals a plan to not only return himself, but the rest of the Nexus.

Yeah, well most likely at WrestleMania in Tampa, again with the crowd, we’re gonna come back… The Nexus.

Him [Barrett] being on commentary he’s gonna rise up from the table and we’re gonna show up and, we’re gonna defeat Retribution. So, er, letting you guys know that right now, I shouldn’t have dropped the news…but, oops!

This should all be taken in jest, Young answered very same question last year stating The Nexus were scheduled for Mania 36, so there’s no telling what to believe. It would be incredibly generous to suggest that Young is able to reveal a Mania storyline so openly…but you never know.

The Nexus haven’t been seen since 2011, the Summer of Punk their final act (as the New Nexus). Throughout their 14-month existence, there were 13 wrestlers involved.

Darren Young, Ryback (then Skip Sheffield), Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Wade Barrett and current WWE star Daniel Bryan were all involved in The Nexus debut.

Since, John Cena, Bray Wyatt (then Husky Harris), Curtis Axel (then Michael McGillicutty), Mason Ryan and the infamous CM Punk have all played a part in the Nexus.

Would a shock 2021 return at Mania be something you’d like to see? Which of the former members could you see returning? Is it the angle that brings CM Punk back in to the ring? Time will tell…

You can listen to Darren Youngs entire conversation on the Dropkick Podcast here.