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Dark Side Of The Ring Producers On The Stories They Still Want To Tell

Dark Side of the Ring

The makers of the acclaimed documentary series Dark Side Of The Ring have revealed which wrestler’s story they still want to cover in a future episode.

Season three of Dark Side Of The Ring began on May 4th with an episode about Brian Pillman. The ‘Loose Cannon’ is spanning the first two episodes of the season which includes a look at Chris Kanyon, Luna Vachon, and the plane ride from hell.

The show’s creators Jason Eisener and Evan Husney joined Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast to discuss the series.

Husney revealed one of the stories the duo still wants to cover:

“So many [stories we want to tell], like we always keep them close to our chest, because we always want to be able to give the family members chance to give us their blessing or not without any weird pressure. But there’s a few every now and then that we’re like ‘this is one we’d love to do.'”

“One we didn’t get around to this season, which I think if we ever do get another season we’d love to do is, there’s a wrestler called Gentleman Chris Adams. He wrestled in WCW, people of our generation might remember him from that, he also was in World Class, and he was just this amazing wrestler, amazing performer, but out of the ring had a wild life.”

“Every story you hear about this guy is like ‘oh yeah, Chris Adams, he once superkicked a bartender’s eyeball out in Israel and we had to smuggle him out of the country.’ Everyone’s got “that” story, so it’s like Chris Adams is definitely one, and actually, Steve Austin was trained by Chris Adams, that was the very first person that showed him the ropes back in the day. There’s a lot there for a story and that’s one that I definitely want to be able to tell.”

‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams spent much of his career working at World Class Championship Wrestling in the eighties. That was where he formed a tag team with fellow Dark Side Of The Ring subject, Gino Hernandez. Adams latterly worked in WCW between 1997 and him leaving the promotion in 1999.

Adams died in 2001 after being shot by a friend during an argument gone wrong. The shooter claimed self defence and was acquitted of all charges relating to the Englishman’s death.

Season Three of Dark Side Of The Ring is available to watch on VICE.

Credit: Oral Sessions

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