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Dark Order’s Evil Uno And Stu Grayson Feared Being Cut Over Travel Restrictions

Dark Order Evil Uno

All Elite Wrestling’s international roster members faced a challenging and uncertain time earlier in the year when travel restrictions, due to the global pandemic, left many unable to work AEW tapings for months on end.

In some cases, this remains an insurmountable issue with several wrestlers (primarily those based in Japan) remaining on the outside.

However, as policy around international travel has fluctuated, many of the roster have been able to return to tapings including The Hybrid 2, Shanna, The Lucha Bros and perhaps most notably, PAC.

At the height of the travel restrictions, one duo that found themselves on the outside looking in were Canada based Dark Order members, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.

The pair, who have since returned to television, underwent an enforced three month hiatus from the company as borders between the US and the ‘Great White North’ remained shut.

Speaking recently with the Ottawa Sun, Evil Uno recounted on the uncertainly felt during those months and his fears of potential unemployment:

We travel every two weeks (to Florida) and quarantine in between. We don’t leave our houses; that’s a stress. There was a time where it was very uncertain for both of us because we couldn’t make it to work for several months, so we were at risk of being cut. We didn’t know the scope of what COVID would be like. We also didn’t know what kind of financial hit AEW was going to take. It was stressful at first, but now it feels like the norm. We have deep roots in this area, we helped build up this whole wrestling scene over the past 15 years.

On a potential move to the US, Uno noted that the pair were still “Within the decision phase”.

Throughout the pandemic, AEW have managed to keep job cuts to a minimum, releasing only UK based talents Jimmy Havoc, Bea Priestley and Sadie Gibbs thus far.

Whilst travel issues are thought to have been a factor in the case of Gibbs, it has been reported that both Havoc and Priestley’s departures may have been wrapped up in the #SpeakingOut movement which swept across pro wrestling earlier in the year.