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Darby Allin Wants Dream Match With Malakai Black

Darby Allin

Darby Allin has wasted no time in laying his claim to a match with AEW newcomer and former WWE Superstar Malakai Black because Allin says he and Black are cut from the same cloth.

Malakai [formerly Aleister] Black stunned the wrestling world at AEW Road Rager when he appeared from the darkness in the ring. Black made his intentions clear from the off as he delivered his Black Mass spin kick to the Head Coach of The Nightmare Family Arn Anderson, before delivering the same devastating blow to Cody Rhodes.

Black and Rhodes continued their already intense issues with one another on night one of Fyter Fest with the two men brawling and having to be separated by AEW officials.

Malakai Black would be well served to keep his head on a swivel in the land of All Elite as another star picked them as their dream match in the company. Former TNT Champion Darby Allin was talking at Card Collector Con (via Sportsdudeheinz Show) when he was asked for his choice of match if he could face anyone.

For Allin, Malakai Black provides the perfect opponent because, like Allin, he doesn’t treat wrestling as a one day a week gig:

“I know this sounds weird because he literally just showed up, but I’d say Tommy End [Malakai Black]. Somebody like him, who has that creative side and does stuff on his own, I find that captivating. I know that sounds generic because he literally just showed up on Wednesday but nobody gets my gears turning more than him, like, ‘okay, we can do some stuff and that would be a lot of fun.’ I like people that, whoever shows up to work on Wednesday, when they get home on Thursday, their mind is still working. It’s not a one-day job. They do it seven days a week. That’s how my brain is, I can’t stop thinking. Anybody else like that, that has passion like that, I want to work with. Everyone else that treats it (as a once-a-week job), they can go to hell.”

Darby Allin is well known for his self-made vignettes which have shown the 28-year-old skating as well as putting himself through what must be immense pain in daredevil stunts. Black released an eerie video before his AEW debut introducing the world to his new creation of Malakai Black.

h/t Fightful for the transcription