Darby Allin Names Favourite AEW Match To Date

Darby Allin

Darby Allin has revealed his favourite match from his time in AEW, admitting that going into the bout it was important to steal the show.

Since signing with AEW in April 2019, Darby Allin has been involved in a number of high profile and highly acclaimed matches both as a singles star and in tag team action.

Allin’s run with the TNT Championship and seemingly devil-may-care attitude to his own physical wellbeing has earned the star a special place in the hearts and minds of the AEW faithful. His outings alongside Sting earlier in 2021 earned praise across the board, while he was the man who stood across the ring from CM Punk as he returned to action after more than seven years away.

However, according to the man himself, there’s one match that stands out above all of the others. Speaking to Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement, Allin revealed that his recent clash with one of the other “four pillars” of AEW is his favourite.

“In a weird way, I know it sounds crazy, but it has to rank number one. In a weird way, only because I don’t like to give Max that credit. The whole thing with that is going into the match, I had a lot to prove mentally because there’s all these new faces coming to AEW. We had to prove to them, the audience, that the pillars, so to speak, are going to steal the show. We did just that. So it’s good not to get lost in the shuffle in these times.”

Alongside, Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara, MJF named himself and Darby Allin as the ‘Pillars of AEW.’ The stars recognised as such, due to how long they have been with the company, and importantly the fact they were there before a number of high-profile stars signed with the promotion.

Allin’s bout with MJF received near universal praise from fans while it was later awarded four and a half stars by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.