Darby Allin Attacked During Autograph Signing

Darby Allin

Resident AEW pillar Darby Allin got more than he bargained for at a recent autograph signing in Seattle as one of his rivals carried out a brutal attack on the star.

Brody King recently enjoyed arguably the biggest match yet of his career on last week’s Dynamite. Challenging Jon Moxley for the interim AEW World Championship, King put on a stiff, vicious performance in a well-received brawl. Despite losing the bout, King’s stock has risen after his first title shot.

King earned the championship match in the recent Royal Rampage bout where he emerged victorious after choking Darby Allin out while standing on the apron and dropping him to the floor.

It seems that the House of Black menace isn’t done with Allin yet as, at a recent autograph signing, the House of Black menace arrived and, much to the shock of those in attendance, laid a brutal beatdown on Sting’s protege.

As a stunned crowd of autograph hopefuls looked on, King stormed in, jumped Darby Allin, choked the fan favourite out and laid him out with a ferocious powerbomb through a table.

The shocking display has left many wondering if a feud between Sting & Darby Allin and The House of Black is on the cards.

For Darby Allin, this is yet another brutal moment in his long-running antics as an ultra-violent underdog.

From being thrown down flights of stairs to getting jumped in parking lots as well as everything that occurred in his infamous bout with Jeff Hardy, Allin has a long back catalogue of hard bumps to his name.

Meanwhile, being entered into a storyline like this is a further indication of a bright future for Brody King in AEW.

The God’s Hate frontman has built up an impressive resume across ROH, PWG, New Japan of America and now AEW. At 35, King is arguably in his prime as a performer. Considering the chemistry King displayed with Allin at Royal Rampage, AEW fans could be in for some wild showdowns in the near future.