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Darby Allin Admits He Thought AEW Stunt Would Hospitalise Him

Darby Allin

Darby Allin has admitted that even as he was preparing to perform on particular in-ring stunt, he believed he would land himself in hospital.

Throughout his career, Darby Allin has made a habit of cheating death and somehow emerging unscathed from a series of violent stunts. So naturally when he squared off against fellow dare-devil Jeff Hardy, in a No Disqualification Match, chaos ensued.

The two men threw everything at each other, showing a tremendous disregard for their own safety. While Hardy performed a nasty looking Swanton Bomb on the steel ring steps as well as his usual array of signature moves, it was Allin who threw caution to the wind entirely.

With a ladder set up in the ring, Allin launched himself to the outside onto Hardy who was laying on a series of erected steel chairs. Although Allin clipped his rival on the way down, his landing on the chairs made even the biggest fan of hardcore wrestling wince.

Speaking on his DDP Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts revealed that he spoke with Allin in the days after the dive, joking that the high-flyer was ducking him as he knew he would be told off. Roberts also revealed that Allin thought the move would land him in hospital, and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out he was actually okay.

“I seen him three days after that and he’s seen me coming and he’s like, ‘Oh, boy,’ he’s already ducking me cause he knows I’m gonna chew his ass! ‘What the f*ck are you doing?’ I said, ‘Tell me what you were thinking before that?’ He goes, ‘Jake, I was starting to go up. When I got up there, I thought, ‘Well, I’m here, I’m going to the hospital. I know I’m going to the hospital this time.’ He said, ‘I was quite shocked that I didn’t! I hit and I started moving stuff and it all still worked, and I thought, It wasn’t that bad!’ I said, ‘That’s the worst thing you could have told me!’”

While Darby Allin emerged unscathed from the match, Jeff Hardy was reported to be a “mess” as he headed into his match against the Young Bucks at Double or Nothing.

In recent weeks, Allin has continued his rivalry with redDRagon, after they injured his mentor Sting. The face-painted warrior met Kyle O’Reilly at Double or Nothing before attacking Bobby Fish on a recent episode of AEW Dark after he put a beatdown on Brock Anderson.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.