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Daniel Garcia – WALTER Is One Of The “Best Wrestlers In The World”

WALTER Daniel Garcia

Whilst discussing his upcoming Limitless Wrestling Championship match against JD Drake with Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Alexander-Stewart, Daniel Garcia recalled taking on the NXT UK Champion WALTER calling him one of the “Best Wrestlers In The World”.

Ahead of Limitless Wrestling’s upcoming The Games We Play event on May 7th, reigning Limitless Wrestling World Champion Daniel Garcia sat down with Inside The Ropes writer Liam Alexander-Stewart for a detailed interview recapping the 22-year olds career thus far including discussions on the struggles of independent wrestling, wrestling Hurricane Helms and what the future holds for ‘Red Death’.

Whilst discussing his upcoming title defence against former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion JD Drake, Garcia would respond to a question from Liam Alexander-Stewart regarding the outcome of the upcoming match.

Explaining why, on May 7th, Garcia believes he will walk out victorious the 22-year old stated:

“Of course, I believe that I’m going to be able to come out still champion. I wouldn’t be wrestling if I didn’t think I was going to be able to win every single match. But I’m expecting an extremely tough fight with J.D. Drake. He’s a veteran. He’s wrestled a who’s who of talent. He’s wrestled in Evolve. I was a big fan of JD Drake when I first started becoming a wrestler, and I’m still a big fan of his today. He’s somebody who deserves everything he’s getting recently with AEW. He deserves every opportunity that he has ever had because he’s a great wrestler. But I’m going to show to him that although you can be a great wrestler, just like a lot of these guys, the things that separate really great wrestlers from the best wrestlers, it all comes down to executing the little things. And I believe that I execute all the little things just a little bit better than J.D. Drake does. And that’s why I think I’m going to come with the win and remain Limitless Wrestling Champion.”

The conversation quickly turned to Garcia’s previous experiences taking on dominant powerhouses such as JD Drake, with Garcia recalling his wXw Ambition 11 clash with current NXT UK Champion WALTER:

Discussing why he is blessed to have wrestled some of independent wrestling’s biggest names, the current C4 Champion stated:

“Like, I truly believe that wrestling is all about wrestling people of different styles and learning from those experiences. And we’re at a time now in wrestling where once somebody starts to get a little bit of notoriety, they get signed right away. So a lot of people my age don’t get the opportunity to wrestle people who have a lot more experience than they do. And I believe that that’s almost stunting the growth, the growth of a lot of independent wrestlers. And that’s why a lot of people look at independent wrestling is not as good as it used to be just because we don’t have that opportunity to wrestle people that are that much better than us. But like I said earlier, I was very blessed in my career to wrestle people who are some of the best in the world.”

Continuing, the Buffalo-based athlete would discuss his clash against WALTER detailing just how strong the Austrian’s strikes are:

“WALTER is one of those people, Walter. He hits hard. He hits extremely hard. I was extremely sore after that match that was essentially like, you know, how to WrestleMania weekend every year. That was like a SummerSlam weekend. So I was wrestling like six matches in three days. Yeah. You know, that was like my second round match of the tournament and I had to go to a show right after that. But wrestling WALTER was great. He’s somebody who I truly believe is one of the if not the best wrestler in the world today. I really admire his style and I really admire his views on professional wrestling. And so to be able to go in the ring with somebody who you look up to that much, it always means a lot. And it’s always going to be a great learning experience. Match was short it wasn’t extremely long but it was a flurry. You know, I came out guns blazing. I knew that. I knew that my best shot at beating him was going to be coming out fast and strong. But he overwhelmed me and he got the win. But I’m lot different than I was then, I’m a lot more prepared for this style of match than I was at that point in time in my career. And I think JD Drake was beaten by WALTER as well in Evolve. Yeah. So I guess the battle of people who got whacked by Walter now who can adapt more. And I believe that I adapted more these past couple years that JD Drake has.”

WALTER continues to reign as NXT UK Champion, with his historic reign recently surpassing 750 days following his successful title defence against Rampage Brown. Prior to his full-time commitments to NXT and NXT UK, “The Ring General” was an independent sensation holding multiple of the biggest independent titles around including the PROGRESS World Championship, PWG World Championship and the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship.

During the same interview Garcia would speak to Inside The Ropes about the struggles on independent wrestling in 2021 and why fans should stop putting so much pressure on performers to sign contracts with major promotions.

Daniel Garcia is set to defend his Limitless Wrestling World Championship against former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion JD Drake on Limitless Wrestling’s May 7th event – The Games We Play which fans can watch via independentwrestling.tv

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