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Daniel Craig On Breaking Batista’s Nose – “I Went ‘Oh, God, No!’”

Batista Daniel Craig

WWE Hall of Famer Batista has confirmed that Daniel Craig broke his nose while filming the James Bond movie, ‘Spectre’.

In the movie, Batista played a hitman called Mr Hinx who was sent after Bond by the eponymous villainous organisation. The role involved several fight scenes with the Bond actor. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Craig recounted one scene that got a bit too physical.

“I was out, and then we went back and we re-filmed it, and I had to film it with a brace on and we kind of – it was a struggle to do it. But, I broke his nose… I didn’t do it deliberately, it was a mistake. And it was so – like I said, he’s a big guy, professional wrestler, you really wouldn’t mess with him, and I threw this punch, I hit him on the nose and I heard this crack, and I went, ‘Oh God no!’ and ran away [laughs] cause I thought he was gonna come after me. And he was so sweet, and he literally just did something like this [mimics re-setting a broken nose] ‘Ah, it’s fine.’ He’s a lot tougher than I am, I’ll give you that.”

After hearing about the interview, Batista took to social media to confirm the story and share a photograph of the aftermath of the incident.

“I dug this up. I took this right after I got cleaned up.”

Batista only got one line in the movie, saying “Sh**” when he realised he was about to meet his untimely, and typically Bond-esque, end by being attached to heavy barrels and pulled out of a speeding train.

Daniel Craig was promoting the latest James Bond movie, ‘No Time To Die’, which is released in cinemas on September 30th.

H/T to Cageside Seats for the above transcription.