Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso – Steel Cage Match Announced For SmackDown

Daniel Bryan Jey Uso

WWE have confirmed that, on the March 5th edition of WWE SmackDown, Daniel Bryan will face off against Jey Uso inside a Steel Cage for an opportunity at Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship.

Appearing on Talking Smack alongside Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton, Bryan would deliver an impassioned promo directed at Roman Reigns’ special counsel’ – Paul Heyman – during which he would state his intention to prove himself once and for all as the greatest of all time and the ‘best damn wrestler in the world’.

“I am no longer…putting myself…on the back burner, I am not longer putting other people first. I am going out to take what’s mine and that’s the reign that I’ve had, before CM Punk and that’s the best damn wrestler in the world”

Earlier in the night Daniel Bryan had expressed his disappointment that the WrestleMania main event would feature two men [Reigns and Edge] who he stated had wrestled a total of three matches this year:

“Because you have two guys in the main event of WrestleMania who have wrestled a total of three matches this year, I went in there fought with all my heart against five other men! That is why I felt like a failure because the last year I’ve put myself on the back burner.”

Bryan would discuss further the feelings of anger and disappointed he would have looking up after conquering the Elimination Chamber and falling short to Roman Reigns only to see Edge standing tall over his moment further adding that in eight days he has wrestled more matches than they have all year.

Heyman would offer Bryan a match for next weeks [March 5th, 2021] SmackDown, a rematch against Reigns’ cousin Jey Uso for the opportunity to face-off against Reigns for the Universal Championship. The initial stipulation… if Bryan loses he must declare that Roman Reigns is not only ‘The Tribal Chief’ but also the best wrestler on the planet.

The American Dragon – Daniel Bryan – stated that he would only accept if the contest was conducted inside a Steel Cage and although Heyman would initially try to deny the stipulation citing a lack of the relevant authorisation, Heyman would receive a text moments later [from Reigns] accepting the stipulation for next weeks show.

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