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Daniel Bryan Says WrestleMania 37 Match “Didn’t Feel Like It Needed Me”

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Reflecting on his appearance in the main event of night two of WrestleMania 37, Daniel Bryan has questioned whether he should have been involved in the match at all.

Speaking to BT Sport, Daniel Bryan praised the strength of the SmackDown roster naming potential opponents for Roman Reigns. Bryan mentioned Big E and Cesaro as Superstars he would love to see face the Universal Champion before giving his thoughts on WrestleMania. The multi-time world champion suggested that Edge vs. Roman Reigns would have been a great main event, without him being involved.

“Take me out of the picture. I want to see Edge and Roman one on one. I thought that would have been a great WrestleMania main event. Just the two of them.”

Bryan joked that he tried to get out of the WrestleMania main event because Edge’s story was already so compelling.

“I kept trying to get out of it too! [laughing] ‘You know this is a heck of a story, ten years to the day from when he [Edge] was forced to retire.'”

The former WWE Champion continued to question his own presence in the match, explaining that he felt that the match didn’t need him.

“Not to say that I didn’t want to be part of it. I just thought that it was such a strong main event, just the two of them… Everybody has their thing, the weird thing is WrestleMania 30 felt like it was going to be Batista and Randy right, and it felt like with the way the crowd was reacting to Batista and Randy, it kind of needed me in there. This one didn’t feel like it needed me. You know, it’s all water under the bridge now, maybe that’s part of the thing in the back of my mind like ‘I’m not sure I should be in this match,’ is one of the reasons why I had that weird reaction to actually being out there.”

The “weird reaction” Bryan references is in relation to comments he made earlier in the interview,
where he said he felt an “odd detachment” before he even made it to the ring. Bryan continued, speculating that his strange feeling was a sign for him to step away from being a full-time wrestler.

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