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Daniel Bryan Responds To Pete Dunne’s “Best In The World” Claim

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has responded to Pete Dunne’s recent promo on NXT where he called himself the best technical wrestler in the world.

Former WWE Champion Bryan was talking to Alex McCarthy of TalkSport when he issued his response to the BruiserWeight’s words.

Bryan commented:

“Pete Dunne just did this promo… it was really good! He talked about how he thinks he’s the ‘best (technical) wrestler in the world.’ Right? And you can see the thinking. I would say that, when I was in Ring of Honor in 2005, 2006, 2007 and all that kind of stuff, and I was in my twenties, it’s like, ‘Yeah, these are guys who are… they’re becoming the best!’ And Pete Dunne, when you watch him work… You may argue that some people are better. Right? They may be better at this or they may be better at that. And when you look at him and you look at some of the other guys, it’s like, who’s the best? That’s become subjective. But they’re in the discussion!”

Bryan followed up saying that he wouldn’t mind sharing the ring with those superstars that think they’re the best:

“I’ve never gotten to wrestle that. […] God, how could I not wrestle the guys who might be the best?! These young guys who are great at the new style and all that kind of stuff. I wanna do it!”

Daniel Bryan recently lost in the main event of Fastlane to Roman Reigns. Bryan had Reigns tapping out before Edge involved himself in the match allowing Reigns to pick up the win. Reports have suggested that the proposed WrestleMania main event between Edge and Roman Reigns could yet be changed to include Bryan.

Credit: Alex McCarthy of TalkSport

h/t SK Wrestling for the transcription