Daniel Bryan Reportedly At “The Crux” Of Talks Between NJPW And WWE

Daniel Bryan

After it emerged that NJPW and WWE could be set to establish a working relationship, more details about the talks have reportedly come to light, interestingly involving the future of Daniel Bryan.

The former WWE champion hasn’t been seen on WWE television since his contract expired on April 30th. While WWE were said to be “pushing hard” to re-sign Bryan it is unclear whether a deal has been reached.

In recent months, Bryan has spoken openly about his desire to wrestle in other promotions. Going as far as to discuss hypothetical appearances of his own elsewhere, and appearances by Superstars such as Cesaro in New Japan.

Those comments now come into even sharper focus as PWInsider report that a role for Bryan in New Japan is at the crux of talks between WWE and the Japanese promotion.

“PWInsider.com has been told today by sources from each company that there have been communications between the two sides for several months but the main crux of it was over the potential of Daniel Bryan being able to potentially work some dates in NJPW. Whether anything has come from those discussions remain to be seen.”

However the report goes on to caution fans over expecting huge changes with the existing relationships between NJPW and the likes of IMPACT and AEW.

“This is not a case where any sort of talks are about to lead to New Japan immediately pulling up stakes with their current working agreement or NJPW talents making some sort of shocking appearance on Raw… Don’t expect anything in regard to those promotions’ relationships with NJPW to change anytime soon, if at all.”

It had been reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE President Nick Khan has been in talks with NJPW regarding an exclusive partnership with WWE which would prevent the company from working with AEW or IMPACT.

Meltzer went on to note how Khan, who has been spearheading the talks, is looking to change the idea that it’s WWE vs. everyone else in terms of the Forbidden Door.

Inside The Ropes will keep you updated on the situation if and when it develops.