Daniel Bryan References CM Punk In Heated Promo

Daniel Bryan & CM Punk

Daniel Bryan walked into Friday Night SmackDown a man on a mission.

Following a herculean effort inside the unforgiving Elimination Chamber, which saw him start the match and still emerge victorious, a battered and bruised Daniel Bryan was beaten fairly handily by WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Bryan was forced to face Reigns immediately after surviving the chamber, leaving the odds firmly stacked against the challenger.

On the first episode of SmackDown after Elimination Chamber, Bryan interrupted a Roman Reigns promo to challenge the ‘Tribal Chief’ to a match at WWE Fastlane. However, the leader of the ‘Yes!’ movement wasn’t quite done there. Appearing on Talking Smack after the show, Bryan had some strong words for Reigns’ Special Council Paul Heyman, name dropping CM Punk in the process.

Starring down Heyman with a quiet, seething intensity Bryan said that he was done putting other people first, calling himself the best wrestler in the world.

“Give this message to Roman Reigns. I am no longer putting myself on the backburner. I am no longer, putting other people first. I am going out to take what’s mine, and that’s the reign that i’ve had before CM Punk, and that’s the best damn wrestler in the world.”

As Bryan dropped the mic and departed the set a visibly shaken Heyman looked as though he had seen a ghost.

Daniel Bryan had earlier battled Jey Uso to a no contest, following a double count out, before being attacked and beaten down by Reigns as SmackDown went off the air.