Danhausen “Has No Nipples” – CM Punk

Danhausen CM Punk

CM Punk continues to make waves on social media, this time with a hilarious claim that Danhausen “has no nipples.”

While many are focused on Punk’s outburst against wrestling journalist Bryan Alvarez as well as his telling wrestling fans to “touch grass,” the Second City Savior’s Instagram stories have also been home to a hilarious war of words between himself and fellow AEW star Danhausen.

The very nice, very evil star is currently out with injury after suffering a torn pectoral muscle at AEW Revolution, but that hasn’t stopped him from engaging with Punk on social media. After taking some good-natured jabs at the star, Punk posted a video featuring himself and Randid frontman Lars Frederiksen discussing wild claims about Danhausen, resulting in the following conversation:

Frederiksen: Hey Phil, how you doing?

Punk: Hey, Lars. Good to see you.

Frederiksen: I just wanted to know if you can confirm a rumor from me. I heard that Danhausen is actually the illegitimate son of Haystacks Calhoun. I mean, if you look at the body shapes…

Punk: False, it’s actually false. He is a really fat, disgusting son of a bitch. But he’s actually the descendant of Happy Humphrey. And a little-known fact about Danhausen is he has no nipples.

Frederiksen: Not spooky. Having no nipples is not very spooky. How do you curse somebody when you don’t have any nipples?

Punk: I don’t know, what a loser.

Frederiksen: Total loser. It’s very nice to see you, Phil. Don’t f**king airball me!

Punk: Good to see you, pal!

Frederiksen: F**k you, Phil!

Punk: Very good to see you!

Frederiksen: You’re a cancer!

The last line by Frederiksen is no doubt a jab at comments made about CM Punk by fellow former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho.

CM Punk Currently At Odds With AEW Over Planned Return

While Punk hasn’t been seen in All Elite Wrestling since the melee following AEW All Out, an April report indicated that he was on his way back to the company and expected to be central to the debut of a new Saturday night broadcast called AEW Collision. Collision was officially announced on May 17th as part of Warner Bros Discovery’s upfront conference, but Punk’s name was nowhere to be seen.

An email containing links to the company’s official press release made mention of his name, but when asked for comment, WBD adamantly denied that Punk was affiliated with Collision. A report from PWInsider shed light on the situation, claiming that Punk and AEW are once again at odds over the return of Punk’s friend and trainer Ace Steel. Steel was fired as a result of his participation in the All Out brawl, where he allegedly threw a chair at Nick Jackson and bit Kenny Omega.

h/t WrestleZone