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Danhausen Calls Out Cody For The AEW TNT Championship

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The deranged Danhausen has called out AEW Superstar, Cody, over his AEW TNT Championship.

Appearing on the The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, the indie sensation conducted the interview completely in character and answered his questions in the third person to the delight and hilarity of all.

Among the many subjects was his popular double act, Warhausen, with Warhorse and the talent’s bout against Cody for AEW’s mid-card championship on the July 29 edition of AEW Dynamite. When asked if he would be next to step up to the challenge after Darby Allin had tested his luck at AEW Full Gear, he responded:

“We don’t know, maybe he’s ducking Danhausen. [I] must have scared Arn Anderson. Danhausen told Warhorse, gave him some advice. He called him before his big match because [I] had to rearrange his library, his books, so he could not be there. So [I] said, ‘hey, when the match starts, you punch them right in the groin before the bell rings.’ He didn’t win. This is probably why he lost to be honest.

[I] was very happy for him. Danhausen believes that some people thought maybe Danhausen was going to be angry it wasn’t he who had the spot. [I] could not be happier for Warhorse.”

Cody vs. Danhausen for the AEW TNT Championship is a bout many indie devotees would pay good money to see.

However, the bout is now unlikely to happen as Danhausen recently signed with Ring of Honor. Though a potential crossover between promotions could open the door this dream bout.

Credit for the interview: Wrestling Inc. Daily

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.