“Any Other Stupid Questions?” – Dana White Shuts Down WWE Questions At UFC Press Conference

Dana White and WWE logo

UFC President Dana White has branded a question relating to WWE “stupid” at the press conference for Saturday’s UFC 287 event, seemingly shutting down any further questions on the topic.

Since the $21 billion merger between WWE and UFC was announced on Monday, fans of both organisations have been speculating about potential crossovers between the two, but the UFC President has moved quickly to distance himself from such chatter.

Talking to the Associated Press on Thursday, White declared “there won’t really be any type of crossover” but noted an obvious synergy between the two brands. Speaking of the working relationship he continued, “Alliances will be made. Deals and alliances and sponsorships, the list goes on and on. The business side is really where you’re going to see a big difference.”

However, during the press conference for the UFC 287: Pereira vs. Adesanya 2 event, Dana White wasn’t in the mood to entertain any crossover questions.

“No comment. I’m trying not to get in trouble.”

One reporter had a particularly specific question for UFC Welterweight Kevin Holland.

“Question for the Trailblazer, Kevin Holland.

WWE-UFC merger, one umbrella.

Past or present, professional wrestling, if you could take one person with the steel chair to the skull, who would it be? Or UFC fighter. Wrestling ring.”

Holland replied, “No comment. I’m trying not to get in trouble.”

As seen in the video below, White wanted to move things along quickly, quipping, “Any other stupid questions?”

It remains to be seen what exactly the merger means for both organisations, but for now it appears that it’s business as usual.

UFC 287 takes place this Saturday, April 8th from Miami, Florida before WWE returns with their next premium live event “Backlash” on May 6th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.