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Dana Brooke Wants To Defend 24/7 Championship Against Kanye West & Oprah

Dana Brooke with 24/7 Championship

Dana Brooke has revealed who she would like to face with the 24/7 Championship on the line, naming megastars Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey as her top picks.

Dana Brooke is in the midst of her second reign as the WWE 24/7 Champion, having outsmarted Reggie to win the title on the February 22nd edition of Raw.

With Raw due to hit Chicago later this month, Brooke made an appearance on NBC 5 Chicago to promote the show. When asked where in the city she wants to defend her title, Brooke answered with the Cloud Gate sculpture, better known as ‘The Bean’ due to its unique shape.

“I would love, love, love to defend my 24/7 Title at The Bean in Chicago. That would be amazing. Oh my God, I think that would be so fun because you could see what’s coming, right? The Bean is like a giant mirror. So you could see what’s coming all around you. So I would have my head on a swivel like this. And definitely checking myself out on The Bean and seeing if R-Truth, or Tozawa, or Tamina were running up after me, and then I would make my escape plan.”

When the subject moved onto which celebrities Dana Brooke wanted to face for the belt, she explained that Kanye West would be at the top of her list so that she can show him who’s boss.

“Since now Kanye is in the midst of everything right now, I think it would be awesome to show him who is boss, that women run the world. So I would like to defend this title against ‘Ye,’ as he calls himself these days.”

Continuing on the theme of female empowerment, Brooke said she would also like to fight Oprah, surprisingly saying she wanted the legendary host to defeat her, at least at first.

“Oprah. Ever since I was a young girl, I used to watch Oprah all the time. She speaks on what I speak about: women empowerment and showing that women can do everything. So it would be great if she won the 24/7 Title from me and I [would] definitely capitalize on it and win it back from her.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.