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Dana Brooke Recalls Crying To Her Mum After ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ Heckles

Dana Brooke

WWE Superstar Dana Brooke has recalled her shock at the reaction she got early in her career that led to her crying to her mother.

Brooke began her WWE career back in 2014, working on NXT live events before making her televised debut for the black and gold brand in the spring of 2015. One year later she graduated to the main roster of the company joining her then tag team partner Emma in attacking Becky Lynch.

Since then Brooke has competed at WrestleMania and entered all five of the women’s Royal Rumble matches – entering the 2022 edition of the event as the reigning 24/7 Champion.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Dana Brooke reflected on her early career and not quite knowing how to take the negative reaction from fans while working as a villain:

“I was a heel at first and I didn’t know how to take that initial reaction. It was hard! I went back and I remember – I’m super close to my family – and I call my mom. I’m like, ‘Mom they hate me!’ I’m crying, ‘I don’t know if I can do this!’ She’s like, ‘Dana, you can! You totally can! You’re doing it!’ So I started to embrace it and I loved it – after a while.”

“It’s definitely a transition because you get, ‘You can’t wrestle,’ or, ‘You suck!’ In gymnastics or bodybuilding, if you hear that you just wanna run away! I overcame it and I tried to embrace it, and I knew if I wasn’t getting that [reaction], I wasn’t doing my job properly. It was definitely a transition but I love performing.”

Brooke continued but saying she still has a lot left to learn despite having a decade behind her in the wrestling business:

“I love expanding my arsenal as far as move-sets and promo work, things of that nature – and being the best I can be. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s going on 10 years in my career that I still have much, much more to learn. Hopefully every single day, I’m moving in the right direction.”