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Dana Brooke Talks Struggles Of Getting the 24/7 Title On A Flight

Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke has discussed her life as the WWE 24/7 Champion and how having the precious title in her possession caused problems for her getting on a flight.

Brooke captured the 24/7 Title for a second time on the 21st of February edition of Raw when she defeated Reggie for the title as the pair’s relationship problems came to the surface again.

Speaking on The Zaslow Show, Dana Brooke discussed being 24/7 Champion and told a story of a run-in with an overly officious gate agent that tried to separate her from her prized possession:

“I was leaving Monday Night Raw, I was in the airport on Tuesday, and the gate agent told me I can’t take my bag on the plane, and he was persistent about it. I pulled him aside, and I said it very stern, I said ‘Listen to me, I’m a WWE superstar, I have a title in there, a gold title, a 24/7 championship title in my bag, I cannot check this bag, do you hear me?’”

“And he goes ‘Well then you’re not flying,’ I go ‘Listen, do me a favour and take me on the plane yourself, I know this bag will fit,’ and he’s like ‘Alright, this is how the plane gets delayed.’ Sure enough, I walk on the plane, my bag fits perfectly, I look behind me, and he’s gone. He wanted nothing to do.”

Dana Brooke added that being 24/7 Champion means everything to her:

“Me getting the 24/7 title has meant everything to me because again, I try and live my life like a champion. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So it’s truly a blessing to have this title, have a strong man by my side that supports me, and does everything with me.”

h/t WrestleZone.co