Dan Lambert Sees Parallels Betwen Jorge Masvidal And Chris Jericho

Dan Lambert

According to Dan Lambert, Chris Jericho and Jorge Masvidal have many, many similarities.

Outspoken American Top Team MMA gym owner and on-screen AEW personality, Dan Lambert has seen quite the number of personalities during his time in both MMA and professional wrestling. Dan Lambert has worked with two massive personalities in particular in the form of UFC BMF Champion, Jorge Masvidal and Ring Of Honor World Champion, Chris Jericho, who according to Lambert, are quite similar.

When appearing on ‘Insight with Chris Van Vliet‘, Dan Lambert broke down some of the similarities between Masvidal and Jericho:

“The coolest thing that I have ever seen was Masvidal’s flying knee. Without a doubt the coolest moment I have seen in a fight. But the coolest thing I have seen is Jorge’s resurrection. He called it. He had so many highs and so many lows in his career. I never thought he reached his potential, the guy is a nutjob. You hear about him jumping over a table at a restaurant to punch someone, that’s him.

I could probably get arrested just telling the stories of what this guy has done over the last few years. But to hear his story and to see what he has done coming up from a split decision loss here and a dumb decision there and thinking he was on the tail side of his career. To see him catch fire like that, he was in great shape and he said that he was going to kill people. At first I thought he was full of sh*t. He came out and had that run, the BMF belt, the [Ben] Askren fight, he was a next level star.

You know how Chris Jericho can lose and put over the next 10 people he has feuds with, he is still Chris Jericho. He is still going to get that heat and people still want to see him. Masvidal is like that, people have such crazy respect for Masvidal. He can still lose a fight here and there, but people want to see him because he is Jorge Masvidal. He still is a BMF and his story is so cool. This guy is making money, he calls me from Saudi Arabia, to see that guy, his story and where I thought he would end up. That ascension is the coolest thing I have ever seen.”

While Dan Lambert hasn’t been seen on All Elite Wrestling programming for quite some time, Chris Jericho recently won the Ring Of Honor World Championship at last month’s AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam event, which is Jericho’s eight different World Championship.