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Damien Sandow Reveals Axed Plans To Win The WWE World Title

Damien Sandow

Former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow has detailed nixed plans for him to become World Heavyweight Champion ad go on to feud with Cody Rhodes for the gold.

Sandow became part of an exclusive club when in 2013 he won the Money In The Bank briefcase, guaranteeing himself a title shot, anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately for Damien Sandow, later that year he became part of an even more exclusive club as he failed to win the world title in his cash-in match.

At the time of his Money In The Bank win, Sandow had been teaming with current AEW star Cody Rhodes as Team Rhodes Scholars. With Rhodes himself inches away from grabbing the briefcase, Sandow literally walked over his partner to claim the victory for himself.

Speaking on UnSKripted, Damien Sandow has said that he was supposed to win the Big Gold Belt and thinks he was set to feud with Rhodes over the title:

“Yeah, I was supposed to win it. I was supposed to cash in (successfully). Cody and I had our feud, everything was great,” Sandow said. “I heard I was going to win the world title, Cody chases me, and then we do the whole (feud). We had a whole wonderful thing planned and, yeah, didn’t happen, but whatever.”

Sandow and Rhodes did feud after the Money In The Bank match with the two meeting in an encounter at SummerSlam which Rhodes won.

Damien Sandow may have been a victim of bad timing in regards to capturing the World Heavyweight Championship as just two months after John Cena successfully saw off his challenge, the World Heavyweight Title and WWE Championship were unified by Randy Orton at TLC in December 2013. This became the primary world title in the company until the introduction of the WWE Universal Championship in 2016.

Sandow – now known as Aron Stevens in the NWA- has captured gold in that company as he has held both the NWA Tag Team and NWA National Championships.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription