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Damian Priest Recalls Scott Hall Critiquing His Razors Edge

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One of the biggest success stories on Monday Night RAW since the turn of the year has undoubtedly been the emergence of Damian Priest.

While Priest thrived during his time in NXT winning the North American Title, he has since gone undefeated on the main roster picking up dominant wins over the likes of The Miz and Elias.

One of the more destructive moves that Priest has in his arsenal is the Razor’s Edge. A move made popular by WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall. The former Razor Ramon is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers to never win a world title, so performing one of this moves, with him watching on is always going to set the nerves jangling, and Priest reveals he was no different.

Speaking to The Sun Damian Priest recalled that Hall jokingly roasted him over using the move much to the delight of a watching Keith Lee.

“‘That’s as high as you can get him? That’s it?'” Priest said of Hall’s reaction. “Keith Lee was there and he lost it laughing. He knows how big of a fan I am of Scott’s, so he knew how nervous I was. He thought it was funny that Scott was roasting me – Keith Lee wouldn’t stop roasting me after because of that.”

Priest also described his first meeting with another legendary big man, Kane. The pair squared off during the former NXT star’s main roster debut at the Royal Rumble and he described being terrified and excited all at the same time.

“There was so much excitement I can barely remember what happened. But the one thing that obviously stands out is that moment with Kane. I remember looking at him and thinking, ‘I understand why everyone’s so scared of him. I feel like I’m in a horror movie now.’ It was exciting but terrifying at the same time. Was he going to set me on fire or something? I made sure that I spoke to him backstage. What an awesome human being. He’s definitely not one to be treated like a legend. He’s like, ‘I’m one of the boys, we’re all in this together.’ It’s crazy that that’s still his mentality. He gave me some words. Very motivating. He’s just a nice person.”

Since making his debut at the 2021 Royal Rumble Damian Priest has formed an alliance with Grammy winning rap artist Bad Bunny. The pair have feuded with The Miz and John Morrison for the past few months leading to the announcement that Bad Bunny will face The Miz at WrestleMania.