Damian Priest Opens Up About WWE Struggles Before Joining Judgment Day

Damian Priest

Damian Priest will have his hands full later tonight as he takes on Bad Bunny in a San Juan Street Fight. It will be a big challenge for him, but according to the man himself, it’s still a step up from where he was before he joined the Judgment Day faction.

Before aligning himself with Edge’s faction and then siding with Finn Balor when Edge was kicked out, Damian Priest saw himself as rudderless. He didn’t think his career was going anywhere, but then all of that change when he crossed paths with Edge.

Speaking on an edition of Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Damian Priest went into detail about how he went from floundering to flourishing thanks to Edge.

“Something wasn’t clicking. And I felt that, I know that the WWE Universe felt it, I couldn’t even explain it. And Edge approached me with this idea. I appreciate all his advice to me. It wasn’t so much having to swallow my pride, I was like, this has got to be the way this is, this is definitely going to work. I’m all in, I was like, Yes, I’ll do whatever it takes, let’s do this.”

Damian Priest hails Edge for helping him escape the doldrums of his pre-Judgment Day career

Additionally, Damian Priest pointed out that initially, while Edge was the leader both on-screen and off-screen, he also gave less-experienced guys like Priest opportunities to give input on the stable’s direction.

“He’s this business, I mean, talking about somebody who’s born for this. We almost talk just about every single day while we were in The Judgment Day together, where I would call him or he would just call me and we would just talk about just ideas, or, you know, he’d be like, ‘Hey, so what do you think’, which I thought was also cool, he wants to hear my opinions.”

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