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Damian Priest Reveals Initial Creative Plans For The Judgment Day

Edge Damian Priest

Damian Priest has lifted the lid on the original creative plans for The Judgment Day, including a raft of names that didn’t quite make the cut.

Ever since Damian Priest joined forces with Edge and WrestleMania 38, the group that would go on to be called The Judgment Day have become one of the most talked about acts in WWE.

After Edge recruited the former United States Champion, Rhea Ripley was added to the stable, and the trio defeated AJ Styles, Liv Morgan and Finn Balor at WWE Hell In A Cell. However, the following night, while it initially appeared that Balor would simply be joining the group, along with Ripley and Priest, he orchestrated a vicious beatdown of Edge to leave him laying.

Speaking during a recent interview with TV Insider, Damian Priest lifted the lid on some of the proposed names for the trio, before they settle on The Judgment Day.

“We had a few ideas. Edge refers to many of them in his promos because we liked all the names. The Judgment seemed like what we are doing, which is judging. Grand Jury was one of them. The Saints of Fate; but ultimately, The Judgment Day felt right. It also used to be a pay-per-view, so it’s a throwback as well. We liked it a lot. I’m glad it worked out,”

Expanding further, Priest admitted that he had become frustrated with his on-screen role before joining the group. He added that he’s more comfortable on Raw now than ever.

“The best stories are when they come from reality. I was frustrated. I was doing what I was asked to do. I was this overly babyface good guy coming out smiling, happy, saying all the right things. It just didn’t click. I was doing everything everyone wanted me to do. That was real. It still wasn’t there unless I was saving one of the fan favourites.

That’s when I was getting cheered. There is part of that which is real, and I use. I’m doing all this for me and with people that I admire and that I’m friends with. I’m more comfortable now than I’ve been since joining the Raw roster.”

Meanwhile, it has since been reported that Edge was removed from the group after he objected to the faction moving in a more supernatural direction.