Dakota Kai Claims Plans For Faction With Bayley Have Been Discussed Since 2018

Damage Control Dakota Kai IYO SKY Bayley

Though they recently aligned at SummerSlam, Dakota Kai says she’s been wanting to form a faction with Bayley for years.

At the most recent edition of SummerSlam in Nashville, TN, Bayley shocked the world by returning from injury to confront Bianca Belair following a hellacious match with Becky Lynch. However, she didn’t come alone, bringing Dakota Kai and IYO SKY with her and forming a faction that would become a mainstay on Monday Night Raw.

The faction’s formation was especially surprising considering the fact that Dakota Kai had been released from the company the previous May and IYO SKY (formerly known as Io Shirai) was said to be on her way out as well.

Speaking to Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy, Dakota Kai revealed that she’s been speaking with Bayley about forming a faction for years, dating as far back as her time in NXT in 2018.

“Bayley has been talking to me about this idea for years now. We were talking about when I was still in NXT, it was like 2018 when she first brought it up to me and then again at Evolution.We just kept like saying, ‘This needs to happen, we want this to happen so bad,’ and obviously the members changed but I was the constant.

“So I think it’s very poetic that it happened at SummerSlam and that her idea that we’ve been talking about for so long finally happened on such a big stage and with IYO as well, it was an emotional moment for all of us that it finally happened.”

Dakota also spoke about the addition of IYO SKY to the faction, praising the former NXT Women’s Champion and saying that she fits perfectly with the group.

“Some of the stuff she does in the ring is insane, I don’t know how it’s physically possible but she pulls it off somehow. She just fits so well, the three of us just have such a cool dynamic. Bayley is amazing, she’s such a great leader and I’ve always loved watching what she does, so to be under her wing and alongside one of the best female wrestlers, or best wrestlers period in the world, it’s such a cool group.”

Dakota Kai, IYO SKY, and Bayley are set to face Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at Clash at the Castle on September 3rd.