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Dak Draper Recalls Heartwarming Brodie Lee Story

Brodie Lee Exclusive

Ring of Honor Superstar Dak Draper has recalled the heartwarming tale of Brodie Lee offering him advice during the early years of his career, recalling the former Luke Harper stating “if you can’t be anything else, you can at least be tall.”

Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, ‘Mile High Magnum’ was discussing dream opponents outside Ring of Honor as ‘The Forbidden Door’ continues to be knocked down across the wrestling industry in 2021.

Initially, Draper would discuss a potential match against SmackDown Superstar Otis before recalling his three-year stint in WWE NXT and his experience working with the late, great Brodie Lee after only having a handful of matches in his entire career.

The former Travis Tyler commented:

“Guys that immediatly jump out to me from outside Ring of Honor, would be Otis I think Otis and I could have a really creative and good match. We both have that ameteur wrestling background also someone I really wish I would have gotten to have a chance to have a singles match with when I was competent would have been Brodie Lee.”

Draper went on to recall working in a Tag Team Match against Brodie Lee [then Luke Harper] and Erik Rowan early on in his WWE career teaming with current AEW Superstar Trent? [then Trent Baretta] and the advice Lee would give a nervous Dak Draper:

“So when I was in NXT and I was very, very new, my second match was myself and Trent Baretta vs Harper and Rowan in a Tag Team match. I was so nervous and he [Brodie Lee] came up to me and was like just remember if you forget everything, if you do everything else bad you can still be tall because you are tall. . .so shoulders back. Then he starts pulling his shoulders back saying be tall, then when we get in the ring we are face-to-face and he’s looking at me and hes pulling his shoulders back and he’s doing that big, the eye thing that he would do and he’s shoulders back. So I start pulling my shoulders back, and then he [Lee] gets even taller and keeps pulling his shoulders back, so now im coming forward and now i’m on my tip toes and he’s coming closer and im on my tip toes and i’m pulling my shoulders back and then . . . he slaps my head off [laughter]. It [the slap] was so hard, and i just remember it was one of those things where the next thing i knew my back was in the corner and we are going from there but it was one of those things were from there, my nerves were gone.

I was so glad to get to learn from him [Brodie Lee] when i was so new, but I wish I could have wrestled him when I consdered myself competent and at the time I was less than a year into wrestling and I was competent. I really wish, in a perfect world, in a vacuum i wish i could have had a singles match with Brodie Lee”

The wrestling world sadly lost Brodie Lee on Boxing Day 2020 and was quickly met by an outpouring of messages of support and kindness towards Lee and his family, alongside a plethora of stories shared with the wrestling community that told the world of Lee’s kindness and dedication to his family who he cherished dearly.

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