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D-Von Dudley On Vince McMahon Having “A Leash” On Current WWE Roster

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley has discussed the perception that Vince McMahon has “a leash” on the WWE roster and why he thinks it’s a good thing.

D-Von Dudley made his name as one of the infamous Dudley Boyz in ECW before he and Bubba Ray Dudley made their move to WWE in 1999. As part of a stacked tag team scene in the Attitude Era, The Dudley Boyz innovated the famed TLC matches along with The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian.

Together D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley have amassed 23 tag team title reigns between them from their time in ECW, WWE, TNA, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. The duo were inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2018 but D-Von has been working as a backstage producer for the company since the end of his in-ring career in 2016.

Speaking on the WrestleBuddy podcast D-Von Dudley discussed his views on the WWE roster and why Vince McMahon is right to keep tight control over his Superstars:

“This young roster nowadays, I think, is great. They are very innovative. Sometimes I do feel that they’re not able to do what they fully want to do, but you gotta understand Vince has to have a leash on people because sometimes you could let them go, but then sometimes you gotta pull them back. Depends on what it is.”

Vince McMahon has been back making regular appearances on WWE television since Survivor Series with Austin Theory seemingly being taken under the WWE Chairman’s wing on Raw.

h/t Sportskeeda