D-Von Dudley Gives His Thoughts On The Usos Using The 3D

The Usos

D-Von Dudley recently discussed current Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos using The Dudley Boyz finisher.

WWE Hall of Famer D-von Dudley has recalled The Usos asking to use the 3D in their matches. The finisher was synonymous with The Dudley Boyz and the former ECW, WWE and TNA stars would often use it to send their opponents crashing through a table. The Usos refer to their variation of the move as 1D.

Speaking with The A2theK podcast, D-Von Dudley remembered The Usos asking for permission to use the manoeuvre:

“They came to me during a live event. I think I was producing it with Jamie Noble, and they had asked me — we would talk and shoot the stuff. When we worked with The Usos, they were talking about when we would hit the 3D on them, and they were like, ‘Yeah, D-Von,’ especially Jey because Jey is so energetic, he’s like, ‘Yeah! We get the 3D, BANG!’

He was like, ‘I was just talking to my brother the other day, and I was like, why don’t we ask D-Von if we can use the 3D?’

I said, ‘S**t, it’s an honour and a pleasure to do that for you guys. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If my boys wanted to wrestle, which they are wrestling, but the day they get on the main stage, they’re going to want to use 3D, too,’ I said, ‘But, you can do it now. Nobody else is doing it. Plus, you’re paying homage to me and Bubba.”

D-Von continued, explaining The Usos didn’t need to ask for permission and he is more than happy for them to continue using the move :

“I remember when The Usos used to play with my sons in catering at the events, throwing paper plates like frisbees around, and it’s one of those things. Then, I’m looking across the ring And it’s The Dudleyz versus,The Usos and I’m like, ‘Wow, talk about the change. ‘Good God, it blew my mind.

So for them to come to me and ask me, ‘Is it okay if we use The 3D?’ I looked at them and said, F Yeah, but I didn’t say ‘F.’ You know what I said. I said, ‘I would love for you guys to do that.’

I showed them and told them different things about how to do it. Keep the opponent’s legs closed, and have them stand straight up. Even when he’s coming backward, stay straight, don’t fall backward with them. When they hit it the first time, I was home actually recuperating from back surgery when I saw it.

I’m watching the pay-per-view, and suddenly, I looked and went, ‘They just hit 3D! Did they just hit 3D?’ I was like, ‘Oh, s**t; they did.’ Then, of course, the fans were like, Oh, ‘I can’t believe that 3D, that’s disrespectful.’

Then I went on Twitter and said, ‘go f yourselves.’ I go, ‘They asked for permission to use it. They didn’t need to ask, but they asked for permission. They were being nice about it, and they hit it perfectly. Leave these guys alone.’ Let the new generation be what you want us to be back in the day. Because when me and Bubba, and The Hardy Boys, and Edge and Christian came on the scene, nobody believed in us.”

During the interview, D-Von also opened up about the supposed heat that exists between himself and his long-time tag team partner Bubba Ray.

h/t Wrestling Inc.