D-Von Dudley Reveals He Suffered A Stroke

D-Von Dudley Thumb

WWE Hall of Famer, D-Von Dudley, has shattered his silence on the recent health problems he was rumoured to be having which kept him away from his role as WWE Producer.

In November 2020, the Dudley Boy worried the professional wrestling world when it was revealed that the star had been absent from several WWE television tapings, according to PWInsider, due to ill health.

At the time, a tight lid was kept on the troubles the former WWF Tag Team Champion was having and said reports were lambasted by the star for putting one of his feet in the grave already. So disgusted by the dirt sheets was he, that D-Von lambasted them as greatly exaggerated and continued on a tirade for several weeks about their inaccuracy.

Now, the one-time reverend has taken to his Table Talk Podcast to open up on what those health issues were, admitting that he had suffered a stroke but is currently doing better:

“I had a stroke, and now I’m doing so much better man. I am back to my normal self almost.”

As is his right, D-Von left the subject there and didn’t go into any further details about his situation. It is just heartening to her that he’s on the mend and is doing just fine.

D-Von’s crusade against the dirt sheets hasn’t ended and doesn’t look to do so for some time. Recently he orated a story where he informed said journalists that he was gay purely to prove a point that they would print any story they fancied, rather than what they were being told.

Inside the Ropes wishes D-Von a speedy recovery.

Credit for the interview: Table Talk Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.