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D-Von Dudley Provides Latest Health Update Following His Stroke

D-Von Dudley

D-Von Dudley has given a new update on his health after the former ten-time WWE Tag Team Champion suffered a stroke towards the end of 2020.

D-Von began working as a producer for WWE in 2016 one month after he and his partner Bubba Ray departed the company. Recently Dudley has been absent from the role as he takes time to recuperate.

Originally discussing the events on his Table Talk podcast, D-Von had explained what he had been through:

“When the stroke happened, I was embarrassed that this could happen to me…She (his wife) was the one who made the phone call for me. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t feel my legs…They called the ambulance and took me in.

I had a stroke and I was bleeding internally as well, so they had to stop that. They put a stent in my right side. They ran it up to my brain because I had to have brain surgery, so instead of cutting me up, they ran it right up to the brain to break up the blood clot.”

In a recent appearance on the JOFO in the Ring podcast, D-Von provided a further update on how his health is now.

Dudley noted that keeping in shape has helped in his recovery:

“I’m back at 85-90%. It’s incredible how fast it took me to turn around because it only happened four months ago. Most people that have strokes, it lasts a long time. Even after I retired and became a producer backstage, there is always that notion in the back of your mind that Vince might call you, so you have to be in the best possible shape. I had to make a couple of appearances on Raw and SmackDown. Thank God I stayed in shape, I think it helped speed up the recovery. I’m just trying to get my size back and be me again. WWE has allowed me to be home and rest and take it easy.”

D-Von Dudley then talked about his potential return to WWE. D-Von added that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had tried to call him but Dudley was indisposed:

“They said as soon as I get back to 100%, I’m more than welcome to come back. WWE has been great. Vince called me, I think he FaceTimed me, I was in the shower and I got to my phone and was like, ‘Oh, Vince called.’ I called him back, he didn’t answer. I text him and said, ‘Sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower.’ He texts me back and was like, ‘Haha, good thing you didn’t answer the phone.'”

D-Von Dudley recently had Ronda Rousey as a guest on Table Talk. Rousey discussed a potential return to WWE and working with D-Von when she does so.

Credit: JOFO in the Ring

h/t Fightful for the transcription