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D-Von Dudley Explains Which TLC Weapon Hurts The Most

D-Von Dudley

D-Von Dudley is no stranger to tables, ladders, or chairs having helped innovate TLC matches, however, D-Von says he’s unlikely to compete in one again.

As one half of the Dudley Boyz along with Bubba Ray. The two men would make a name for themselves by putting anyone they could through tables. At the same time, Matt and Jeff Hardy were performing ever more death-defying leaps from ladders. Edge and Christian were debilitating opponents with vicious ‘con-chair-to’ double chair shots. Between the three teams emerged the concept for one of the most enduring match types in WWE – the TLC match.

Officially debuting at Summerslam 2000, the TLC match would grow in stature to the point that it now has a whole pay-per-view event themed around it. D-Von was one of the six-men taking part in that first bout in August of 2000. He and Bubba Ray would fail to claim the WWE Tag Team Titles on that occasion as Edge and Christian retained.

Speaking on his Table Talk podcast, D-Von was asked if he thought he had another TLC match in him somewhere down the line.

D-Von Dudley responded:

“People don’t realize how much that stuff hurts. I was hungry back, younger, and more energetic so it didn’t bother me. Now, I look at it and I’m like ‘oh my god.’ I don’t know if I could do another TLC match. The fans ask for it, but I don’t think they realize the mindset you have to have to get into one of those matches.”

As far as which of the eponymous weapons do the most damage, D-Von revealed that for him wood is better than steel:

“People ask me what’s the worst out of the three; chair shots, ladders, or tables. In this order; the ladders. I don’t like to get hit with steel. It doesn’t feel good at all. I’m going to contradict myself when I say the chair because I’ve taken so many headshots that I don’t even know my name sometimes. The chair shots don’t hurt as much as the ladders do, they hurt. You put your hands up to block it and everything is exposed. You have a little bone (in your wrist) and when the metal catches it on the wrong place, oof. The tables, they feel like home to me.”

Credit: Table Talk

h/t Fightful for the transcription