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D-Von Dudley Banned His Sons From Wrestling Until Conversation With The Rock

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D-Von Dudley has revealed that he banned his sons from entering the wrestling business until a conversation with The Rock changed his mind.

While D-Von Dudley enjoyed a wrestling career that took him all over the world and landed him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, he has admitted that he initially didn’t want his sons to follow in his footsteps.

Although the wrestling business had brought him incredible success, he was incredibly wary of the negative aspects of the industry, and so wanted his sons to take take another path.

However, speaking on his Table Talk podcast, the tag team legend revealed that a conversation with The Rock helped change his mindset. The Great One explained that he wouldn’t have been able to have the life he has today, if his dad would have refused to train him.

“He goes, ‘Listen, D-Von, if my father wouldn’t have agreed to help train me and do what I do, I wouldn’t be The Rock, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing… My life could’ve totally took a different path. Maybe you should think about it. If you train them, do it yourself, then you know they got brought up in the business the right way.’”

Terrell and Terrance Hughes began training in 2015 at their father’s Team 3D Academy. Under the name TNT, the pair have since become fixtures on the independent scene while also making occasional appearances on AEW Dark.

D-Von added that he’s proud of the fact that whenever his son’s appear on a show with one of his contemporaries, he’s quick to get a text about he’s good they are.

“I’m proud to say that every time they’re at an indie show or somewhere where there’s somebody from the Attitude Era, I get a text or a phone call saying, ‘Damn, D-Von, those boys are good. Those boys are real good,’ and I’m very happy about that.”

After winding down his in-ring career in 2016, D-Von Dudley began working backstage in WWE as a producer passing on his experience to the next generation.

D-Von and Bubba Ray were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.