D-Von Dudley Discusses His Backstage Role In WWE NXT

D-Von Dudley

D-Von Dudley has spoken about his role backstage in NXT, saying that despite how hectic things can be, he’s “extremely happy” in his position.

Back in May, tag team legend D-Von Dudley revealed that he was going to put his years of in-ring to good use by moving from his role as a producer in WWE to that of a coach in NXT. He then began in his new role on June 15th.

During an appearance on the Two Man Power Trip podcast, Dudley has provided an update on his work and how things have changed since Stephanie McMahon took over from Vince McMahon and Triple H became first WWE Head of Creative and now Chief Content Officer.

“Busy. With this new regime, with Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon], which I’m extremely happy about. I think everything is happy. Just for the simple fact that, we’re all happy with what Vince [McMahon] did for 50 years plus, but sometimes, with every company and new whatever it is, it’s always good for fresh and new ideas. Triple H brings that.

“We’re not discounting what Vince did for the past 50 years. Sometimes, you need a little change and I’m happy about that. With all that going on right now, the responsibility for me has picked up a little bit and I’m happy about that because I get to do my ideas and me and Hunter have a good relationship. Him and Stephanie both.”

“When I had my stroke two years ago, Stephanie left me a message on my answering machine telling me, ‘I heard you’re doing well and everything is good, but I want to make sure you’re doing great. I want to hear it out of your mouth and not anybody else’s.’

“Of course, I heard that message and it made me feel a little special. Just for the simple fact that she and Hunter didn’t have to do that, but they were very concerned about me. You could say, am I a Hunter guy? Yes. Am I a Vince McMahon guy? Yes. Am I Paul Heyman guy? Yeah. All those guys have done well with me, which is why I love working for WWE.”

Turning to his role, D-Von Dudley says that he is both a coach and producer which allows him to work with younger talent.

“I’m with NXT right now. I’m a coach, behind the scenes, I’m also a producer and help put the matches together and things like that. I have a few titles, coach, producer, I’ll think of the third one later. I’m just having fun, working with the younger talent and helping them to carry on the legacy of pro wrestling.

“You have myself, Terry Taylor, Fit Finlay, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smiley, and a lot of other guys that have moved up from talent to producer. Shawn Michaels, of course, and Matt Bloom. We’re having a good time and getting these kids to where they have to be.”

The WWE Hall of Famer went on to explain that, while working on the main roster, he hadn’t had time to watch NXT. However, he is now “proud” to work on the brand.

“When I was on the main roster producing, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch NXT because Vince had us so busy, we had emails coming in all the time about the shows, feedback, we never really have a chance to watch NXT. When you work as much as we did on the main roster, when you get home, you don’t want watch wrestling anymore.

“You want to go and be with your family and do what you have to do. You can’t live this business 24/7 like we did when we were wrestling, it’s no fun. I never got a chance to watch NXT, but I’m proud and happy to be part of this group. I’ve had a great time. I never thought I would have so much fun coaching and producing NXT.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.