Current WWE Star Reveals They Almost Had A Bizarre “Cyberpunk Mercenary” Gimmick

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Wrestlers change gimmicks all the time. Sometimes they come up with their own ideas and get the greenlight to pursue them, other times they’re given directions and told to embrace a newly-created persona. For the man known as “ma.çé”, it was almost a double case of the latter.

ma.çé was once known as Dio Maddin and had a brief stint as a commentator before reverting back to being an active wrestler. Over the past few years he has bounced around various gimmicks, his most notable being as part of Retribution under the name “Mace”.

After that group dissolved, the name “Mace” stayed but was instead stylized differently so that he would stand out more as part of his new role in the Maximum Male Models group.

But if the man himself had his way, then he would be part of Maximum Male Models and would instead be dressed up as a cyberpunk mercenary.

WWE wrestler ma.çé was given one gimmick before it being changed to another

During an interview with Metro, the WWE superstar explained how he started preparing for the new mercenary gimmick before it got switched at the last minute and he got thrown into a different group instead.

“I was almost a cyberpunk mercenary, a bounty hunter, an executioner. Axe, hood, and all – there’s concept art. They [WWE] gave me a call, and they were like, “All that stuff? Nah! What we’re gonna do is you’re going to be a male model now.’ I said, ‘Great! They said, ‘You’re going to do it with Mansoor.”

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription