A Current WWE Championship Has Seemingly Been Retired


It appears that the 24/7 Championship is dead, or is it?

The 24/7 Championship on WWE.com is listed as inactive on their Superstars page, labeling it as ‘2019-2022,’ however, when you go to the title page itself, it still has it listed as active with years reading ‘2019-Present’.

The WWE 24/7 Championship Appears To Be A Thing Of The Past

This past Monday night on WWE Raw, Nikki Cross would square off against then-24/7 Champion Dana Brooke in a title match, where she would take the belt away from Brooke. However, when she (with Damage CTRL following her while she’s in a dazed state) goes backstage, she threw the championship in the trash, simply just walking away.

Immediately, many in the WWE Universe started speculating that World Wrestling Entertainment was using the segment to retire the 24/7 Championship, and it appears that they could potentially be right.

Also on the WWE 24/7 Championship title page features Cross’ days as champion, which Cross is listed as ‘1’. With winning it on Monday, it should be listed as ‘3,’ or at the very least ‘2,’ which is another implication that the company has retired the belt.

Currently, nothing has been made official from World Wrestling Entertainment on the 24/7 Championship.

On the title page, the 24/7 Championship is described as:

Revealed by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley on the May 20, 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw, the 24/7 Championship can be defended anytime, anywhere, as long as a WWE referee is present.

If the 24/7 Championship does indeed get retired, it will be left with the final tally of 197 total championship holders from its beginning in 2019. The longest reign was 204 days, held by Dana Brooke.

In other Nikki Cross-related news, there has been speculation among fans that her current gimmick could potentially be possessed by Bray Wyatt for a possible faction, but currently, it’s nothing but strictly speculation.