Veteran Criticises WWE’s Handling Of Becky Lynch – “They Buried Her”

Becky Lynch entrance

Becky Lynch remains one of the biggest stars in WWE but that didn’t stop her match on the 30th anniversary Raw being scrapped.

On the episode, Lynch had been scheduled to take on long-time rival Bayley in a Cage Match. The bout had been heavily advertised since it was first announced, but it never took place. After Lynch came to the ring she was attacked by Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY. The Damage CTRL trio beat down the Irish star and left her laying in the ring before the match could even start.

“You Don’t Bury Becky Lynch In Philly”

It was reported shortly after that the match was cut after the opening segment with Roman Reigns and the Tribal Court overran. This meant that the women called an audible and decided against having a very short match, instead, going with the beatdown.

The move was criticised heavily on social media and Vince Russo has joined in on the action. Speaking on Sportskeeda’s Legion of Raw, the former WWE writer slammed the company for “burying” Lynch.

“I was absolutely shocked they did not bring Becky back. And Becky demand them to restart the match… They buried her. Let’s be honest, there is a good chance this is their biggest show of the year. They look at Becky Lynch as being one of their biggest stars of the company. They are in Philly. You don’t bury Becky Lynch in Philly.”

Continuing on, Russo broke down how he would have handled the situation.

“I’m like bro, they’re not going to go the rest of the show with Austin, they’re gonna bring Becky Lynch back. She’s gonna cut the promo, demanding they dropped [the cage]. I one thousand percent would have done that… She was not hurt enough where she couldn’t come back… This was a swing and a miss for me… I think they absolutely buried Becky here,”

Due to the match being scrapped and a lack of female legends featured on the show, WWEWomenDeserveBetter trended on social media.

H/t to Sportskeeda