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Could We Be Very Close To A Latino Brand? Absolutely! Says Triple H

Triple H

Triple H has endorsed the speculations that a Latino branded platform is being developed by WWE, stating that they are close but timing is everything.

Speaking before NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day, Triple H participated in a virtual press conference, where he spoke about the possibility of creating a brand in Latin America.

We have a lot of Latino talent, across the board on all brands. Whether you’re talking about next level talent like Andrade; you’re talking about Humberto Carillo, Angel Garza. When you get past that Lince Dorado and Metalik and you come here and you have all the people you mentioned: Santos Escobar, Raul [Mendoza] and Joaquim [Wilde]. There’s just so many talent.

So if you look at it in that manner, could we be very close to a Latino brand? Absolutely, but the timing’s gotta be right for it.

And the timing has to be right in the world, and given all the circumstances of pandemics and everything else, that makes that challenge more difficult, but it’s still a goal. I’ve talked about that a lot of times in, whether it be business partner summits or anything like that the goal is still the same, as you saw with the Superstar Spectacle for India.

For a long time there has been rumours of branches of NXT in different parts of the world, such as India, Japan and Latin America. The latter being where there is a large amount of talent already in WWE and fans that the company can take advantage of. Hunter comments that the NXT UK brand is a good example of how it could work – but reiterates that timing is the key.

The intent to grow and have localized content and brand in India and to have that in other markets as well, much like we have done in the UK. In the UK I feel like we’re just making the surface of where it’s going to go.

There’s massive opportunity there [with a Latino brand], the timing just has to be right to do it. And we’re gonna evaluate that, but when we do it, we’re gonna do it right and do it big. It doesn’t make sense just to do it to do it.

If NXT UK is any indication as to how a Latino branch of NXT could work – we’re all in. Superstar Spectacle and many overseas tours prove the audiences that WWE can attract globally. As for the name, Inside The Ropes own Dean Puckering may have already nailed it with his suggestion, ‘LatiNXT’.