Could Drew McIntyre Really Appear At AEW All In?

Drew McIntyre carrying his sword

With Drew McIntyre seemingly no nearer to agreeing a new contract with WWE, speculation around his future is running wild.

Perhaps the wildest of these theories involves McIntyre leaving WWE before his current deal expires and making a shocking appearance at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium. While many have pointed out that this is highly unlikely, professional wrestling is never logical, and if there’s money to be made, nothing is impossible.

However, writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offered something of a rumour killer. Meltzer noted McIntyre wouldn’t become a free agent until 2024, and it’s likely that WWE will be adding time to his deal due to the time he’s spent out with injury.

“Regarding McIntyre and the idea he could be at All In, there is basically almost no chance of that. His contract expires months after that date so even if he were to leave WWE when the deal expires (a big if) and goes to AEW (which would be the most likely destination if he were to leave), that can’t happen until 2024.

Also, WWE is likely to tack on all of this current period when he’s been out of action with an injury that would move the end of his deal back.”

Drew McIntyre “Frustrated” With WWE

The most recent report on Drew McIntyre revealed that he is open to leaving WWE should he not come to favourable terms with the company. The report added that McIntyre has become frustrated and there have been “several” miscommunications with the company. With regard to the WWE Draft, McIntyre wasn’t told which brand he would be moving to, despite usually being informed.