Cosmic Angels Gain A New Member

Stardom’s Cosmic Angels stable has grown from three to four with the addition of former Actwres girl’Z star, Mai Sakurai.

Sakurai announced her departure from Actwres earlier this year, and was promptly followed out the door by fellow Actwres star Waka Tsukiyama.

As is the custom in Japan, no immediate indication was provided by either wrestler on their next destination, however, for Sakurai at least, the cat is now out of the bag.

Upon announcing her arrival with the company, Sakurai was immediately confronted by Future of Stardom champion Unagi Sakaya, who challenged the newcomer to a match.

Sakaya was defeated by Unagi but still chanced her luck by asking to join her victor’s stable, The Cosmic Angels.

Though Unagi herself attempted to reject her opponent’s application, group leader Tam Nakano overruled the decision and accepted Sakaya into the group.

With the squad now up to four members, the Cosmic Angels are a growing force within Stardom, with three separate titles currently residing within the stable.

The original three members are the current (and record-breaking) Artist of Stardom Champions, Nakano is the current Wonder of Stardom Champion and as mentioned earlier, Unagi Sakaya holds the Future of Stardom Champinship.