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Jim Cornette On Minoru Suzuki – “His Sh*t Looks Like Sh*t”

Minoru Suzuki

Jim Cornette has cast his eye over the recent clash between Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki describing the match in less than favourable terms.

Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki crashed his way through the forbidden door at AEW All Out in September. At the event Jon Moxley was squaring off against another Japanese star Satoshi Kojima. After the match Suzuki made his shocking entrance to a monster ovation from the crowd.

After the stare down, the pair clashed on an episode of AEW Dynamite, with Suzuki continuing to appear on a series of AEW broadcasts.

Most recently the former MMA star took on Bryan Danielson on the AEW Rampage Buy In ahead of the October 15th episode of the show. It was the first time that AEW had hosted a Buy In for the weekly show, which put them in competition with WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown. On the same night the first 30 minutes of Rampage went head-to-head with the last 30 minutes of SmackDown for the first time ever.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager first questioned the logic of AEW hosting a Buy In for a show that was going to run for free on television. Looking at the match itself, Cornette was less than complementary about in-ring action.

“I tried. I like Bryan Danielson. I respect Minoru Suzuki as a mixed martial arts legend, but as we’ve mentioned in the past, unless you know of his background you look at him like a small, unimpressive Japanese fellow. If you know of his background and have the respect for him, then that helps you look over the fact that he’s 50-something years old and his sh*t looks like sh*t.”

Continuing on, Cornette explained that he wasn’t a fan of repeated spots in the match where the two stars repeatedly traded forearms and kicks.

“You can’t tell me that anything about this was good. I saw the same thing over and over. Standing there, hitting each other with forearms that don’t look particularly good and probably hurt. Not just doing the 1-2-1-2 like a Rocky movie…

Standing there in the middle of the ring calmly ‘I’ll grab the back of your head, you know what’s coming, you’re not trying to duck, I’ll hit you with a flipper forearm. Now you do the same to me. Now we’ll have funny facial expressions and dare each other to do it again. Here in a minute, we’ll do the same thing with kicks. Then we’ll wrestle around for a little bit in simulated wrestling combat that everyone can see through because no one wants to hurt Suzuki.'”

Cornette continued to voice his displeasure at the pair doing the same thing over and over again, citing the influence of New Japan’s ‘strong style’ as a big factor.

The match itself last just short of 20 minutes and game to a brutal end with Danielson hitting a flying knee on Suzuki to pick up the win.

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