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Corey Graves On His Worst Moment Ever On Commentary – “Twitter Let Me Know Instantly”

Corey Graves

Corey Graves has discussed the pitfalls of commentating on live television and picked the one moment over all others where he wishes he kept his mouth shut.

Graves has been a mainstay at the WWE announce desk since he began his commentary career on NXT in 2014. Less than two years later Corey Graves was promoted to the Raw announce team where, after a stint on SmackDown, he resides to this day.

Speaking on the Out Of Character podcast, Graves discussed the possibilities of saying the wrong thing on live TV and how sometimes his brain can’t keep up with his tongue:

“I never go out there to do anybody any harm, there’s just a lot of times I put my foot in my mouth naturally. Sometimes I speak more than I think and sometimes my tongue moves way faster than my brain does.”

“What actually bothers me is if you notice I try to stay away from statistics or dates or tangible things like that because I know things happen but when it comes to chronology or what pay per view or what year that was, I can’t remember that. I’ve watched so much wrestling it all kind of meshes together.”

“Once in a while I think I beat myself like a horse if I go ‘In 1999, this happened,’ and of course Twitter corrects me instantly. That actually gets on my nerves.”

Corey Graves then discussed the one moment where he was left kicking himself more than any other point in his commentary career. Graves dared to correct Michael Cole about which WrestleMania The Undertaker faced Diesel at, and it turned out Cole was right all along:

“Michael Cole and I were back at the kickoff desk doing the voiceover for whatever was happening in the ring and they were talking about The Undertaker’s history and I believe it was with Diesel when Kevin Nash came out. And Michael Cole said ‘It was this WrestleMania… that this happened,’ and I corrected Cole because I was so sure that that wasn’t the year that it happened.”

“And I went oh no, we’re live, I said that and I just realized I’m wrong and Twitter let me know instantly that I was wrong. It was in that particular instance, just because of the admiration and respect I have for Undertaker that I wanted everything to be perfect.”

“That’s why I almost looked at Cole like Cole you idiot that wasn’t the year, and then I realized it’s Michael Cole, he’s usually not wrong. I should’ve just trusted the boss in that instance but yeah, that one I wish I could take back but I think they edited it out so it’s not the end of the world.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.