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Corey Graves Wins First Championship In Over 8 Years On Raw

Corey Graves

Corey Graves became a very unlikely champion on Raw on Monday night, capturing his first gold in WWE in over 8 years, although his latest success was short-lived.

Raw saw several WWE personalities capture the 24/7 Championship with new title-holders winning the belt for the first time since Reggie won the belt back in July.

Reggie defended the title in a match against Drake Maverick for the gold with Maverick coming out on top to claim his seventh reign as champion. But typically for the 24/7 Championship, this was short-lived as Akira Tozawa rolled up Maverick to take him to 11 reigns as champion.

The title is not just for active WWE in-ring competitors and Raw announcer Corey Graves took his chance to win his first WWE gold in 8 years as he rolled up Tozawa for his first reign as 24/7 Champion.

After taking plenty of Graves’ jibes at the commentary desk for years, it was sweet revenge for Byron Saxton who ended Graves run as champion in seconds but Saxton found himself falling to defeat at the hands of Drake Maverick once again whose 8th reign as champion proved painfully short as well with Reggie winning back the title and making his escape.

The title reign of Corey Graves – although brief – is the announcer’s second taste of gold in the company. Graves previously held the NXT Tag Team Championship back in the summer of 2013 alongside his partner Adrian Neville, better known today as AEW’s resident bastard, PAC.