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Corey Graves Teases Major WWE Return Before WrestleMania 38

Corey Graves

Raw announcer Corey Graves has teased a major return to WWE ahead of The Most Stupendous Two-Night WrestleMania in history.

Rumours have been running rampant in the run-up to WrestleMania 38 which is set to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of April as WWE returns to the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one name mooted for an incredible return at the event, with a match against the Texas-bashing Kevin Owens possibly in the works.

Other suggestions seemingly on the card for the show include WWE Chairman Vince McMahon making a stunning return to the ring at the age of 76. McMahon and SmackDown announcer Pat McAfee could meet in a showdown with a storyline potentially being kicked off when McMahon appears as a guest on The Pat McAfee Show.

Corey Graves decided to fan the flames of rumour and innuendo on his After the Bell Podcast, suggesting that a familiar face could very well be on their way back to the confines of a WWE ring, but he declined to elaborate on exactly who:

“And who knows, if the rumours do in fact prove to be true, we may have another familiar face back in the fold between now and The Showcase of the Immortals. This is one of those ones where: if you know, you know. I’m not going to speak to it any longer. I’m going to feed the rumour mill, that’s what I’m doing, I’m feeding the rumour mill. I’m stoking the flames and I am pouring gas on the fire. If the rumours are true, I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Corey Graves recently revealed that he has been cleared for a possible return to the ring after he had to retire from wrestling due to injuries, which in turn allowed him to begin his successful broadcasting career for WWE.

h/t Wrestling Inc.