Corey Graves Reveals He Hoped Rhea Ripley Would Join SmackDown

On the 22nd February 2021 episode of Monday Night Raw it was revealed that former NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley would be making her long awaited move up to the main roster. Not only that, the Aussie native will be joining Monday Night RAW.

On a recent episode of WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Graves and Vic Joseph discussed the move, with Joseph commenting that he expects Ripley to become a major star on Monday nights.

“I’m very much in,” Joseph said. “This is someone who has won the NXT UK Women’s title, this is someone who has won NXT Women’s title. I have no doubt she will do big things and bigger things on Monday Night RAW, think about what she did in the Royal Rumble. I am in on Rhea Ripley becoming a huge star on Monday Nights.”

Friday Night SmackDown commentator Graves, agreed with Joseph’s assessment of The Nightmare’s potential, revealing that he had been hoping that she would end up on the blue brand.

“I also am in on Rhea Ripley,” Graves said. “I was secretly hoping she would end up on Friday Night SmackDown because I am a fan of The Nightmare and what she brings to the table. I think there are massive massive things in her future sooner than later. No matter where Rhea ends up she will be a force to be reckoned with, I think Rhea on RAW is a shot in the arm that the women’s division could use.”

One of the biggest stars of not only SmackDown’s women’s division, but SmackDown as a whole Bayley, recently premiered a new talk show titled ‘Ding Dong Hello.’ Bayley has been flying high over the last 18 months and beyond, and joins the likes of Chris Jericho, Edge and Kevin Owen’s in having her own talk show segment. However, Graves was critical of the new segment, saying that it doesn’t really stand out from others that have featured in recent years.

“I’m out,” Graves said. “I love Bayley, I’m a fan of Bayley, she entertains me and I am aware of what she’s capable of. She is my friend. ‘Ding Dong Hell’ just seems like another talk show that you slap somebody’s name on and act like it’s a different show. I need more, I want a full set, I want a talk show.

“How about a talk show within the walls of WWE that doesn’t take place on a red carpet, in the centre of the ring with directors chairs? Yes, this one has a door and a sound effect, but I want the Snake Pit, I want Pipers Pit, I want a goddamn Barber Shop Vic. I want the whole thing to be different, not in the middle of the ring with cheesy props. This has nothing to do with Bayley, I think she is capable of so much more.”

Rhea Ripley is set to make her debut on the March 3rd episode of Monday Night RAW, you can read a preview of the show here.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription